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About the company
GC "Ideal" is the leading Russian market-oriented, highly technological company of complete cycle type, producing plastic materials for interior decoration: starting with design bureau and department and finishing with industrial manufacturing of high-quality products and advance distribution system.

European quality – Russian prices
Our products meet international quality standards and compete with the world's leading brands successfully.
High-quality materials in manufacture make our products fire-, electro- and ecologically safe and durable.
Classical style and wide range of color palette provide harmonious application of our products for decoration of any interior, and rational design provides easy and simple installation of products.
We are one of the few on the Russian market of companies who are able to do mass production of high-quality and affordable produce.

Your ideal partner
We are called the "first-price-company", i.e. the one that manages the "weather" on the market. Logistically adjusted and structurally built manufacturing and marketing cycles and rational distribution policy provide continuous growth and expansion of sales geography.
We have reached the level that allowed us not only to substitute a part of import but also to start export to the CIS and EU countries.


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